Titan HRMS

Smart Payroll Management

Let your employees stick to your organization with loyalty by rewarding them with well-timed and efficient payroll process.

Our joyful, highly preferred payroll services include:

General payroll management

Here you can flexibly manage payroll configuration. It allows you to easily configure any component such as

  • work from home
  • enable/disable taxes
  • Auto sending of pay slips
  • Auto send copy of pay slip
  • Enable /disable provident fund

Loan Management

  • It allows you to view and manage the list of employees who have taken or requested loans.
  • A detailed record with easy to use editing options are available. (including name, amount, number of and per month installments, a time period for a to and from, already covered amount and actions for updating or removing the entry. )

Taxes Management

  • This location specific option allows you to set a Tax ratio or a specific amount for further calculations.
  • The user can re-arrange, search, add or edit as per required.
  • The content for this section covers the following:
    • Country
    • Salary From
    • Salary To
    • Tax (per annum)
    • Tax type (whole/percent)
    • Actions

Provident fund Management

  • It lets the user set a specific percentage for the defined compensation limit
  • View up-to-date PF amount of employees.( The list or the amount can be re-arranged.)