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As HR Manager you are a busy person with many important functions for smooth business operations.
All of these tasks become more complicated when you have employees working worldwide. HR Administration should be the least of your worries. That’s why a fully functional HRMS is so important. Titan HRMS fills the bill.

Cloud Compatibility

There is no software to download. Your files reside in the cloud and are accessed with username and password.

Satisfied Security

Your files are secured on our cloud server with an authentication system, protection against cross- site forgery and protection against cross-site scripting.

Easy to Use

Our HRMS software is very easy to use and it's customizable. You can just start using our software and streamlining your HR activities.

Accessible to Employees via Mobile Devices

Depending on permission settings, employees may:
• Make changes to their personal information and forward for approval
• Request time-off and forward for approval
• View employee list
• View company policies
• View company benefits

Employee Payroll Info

Smart Payroll Management

Let your employees stick to your organization with loyalty by rewarding them with well-timed and efficient payroll process. Our joyful, highly preferred payroll services include;

General payroll management

• work from home
• enable/disable taxes
• Auto sending of pay slips
• Auto send copy of pay slip
• Enable /disable provident fund

Loans / Tax Management

This location-specific option allows you to set a Tax ratio or a specific amount for further calculations.
It also allows you to view and manage the list of employees who have taken or requested loans.

Provident fund Management

• It lets the user set a specific percentage for the defined compensation limit
• View up-to-date PF amount of employees. (The list or the amount can be re-arranged.)

HR Reports

Super users and managers may view the following reports:
• Time Off Schedule
• Birthdays Schedule
• Work Anniversaries Schedule
• Public Holidays

HR Analytics Reports
Employee Information Management

Employee Information Management

Clicking on My info would redirect the "super" user to a further sub-bar selection which includes (visibility of each individual field depends on the granted permissions):
- Personal
- Job
- Time Off.
- Emergency Contacts
- Family Members
- Skills
- Financials
- Documents
- Policies
- Benefits
- Requests

Employee Self Service Portal

- Attendance Management
- Leave Requests
- Provident Fund
- Taxes
- Insurance Plans
- Salary Breakup with Payslip Generation
- Manage Employee advances/loans
- Hire Pack Emails
- Hubstaff Integration for auto attendance
- Employee Letters with configurable templates
- Employee Certificates with configurable templates
- Bank Account Opening, Loan NOC, Credit Card, Salary Certificate, Visa, NOC Templates for Employees
- Request/Receive Documents and Certificates by employees through ESSP


HR Role

- Attendance Managemnt
- Certificates, NOC, Letters Management for employees based on Templates
- Configuration based allowence and benifits

Super Admin Role

- Multi Country Setup
- Multiple insurance plans
- Hubstaff Integration for auto attendance
- Department and Division
- Multiple Countries
- Working Shifts
- Multi Countries
- Multi Country Taxes
- Time off Configuration per country


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